I wanted to say what a great experience I recently had working with Lindsay to find an apartment. This has been a long search and certainly not an easy one for me, being that I have a dog and the girl I was supposed to move in with bailed. I don't think I would have been able to find an apartment had it not been for your company. Especially with Lindsay's help! I work all the time and just didn't have time to look or arrange appointments. Lindsay listened to what I was looking for in an apartment and then took it from there. I can't say enough good things about my experience and will definitely recommend your group to everyone I know looking for a place. Thanks Again!

I just wanted to let you know that I've been dealing with Luke and Rick while searching for an apartment for the past few weeks. They have made this the most pleasant experience...It was quick and easy and they helped me find a place that I LOVE! I just thought that they deserved some credit because they both did a really great job. Thank you so much!

I would like to compliment you on the great service we received from your agent Luke. He was extremely helpful in finding us apt. listings and setting up the appointments for us in a very timely manner. Luke responded quickly to all my e-mails and was very pleasant. He was quick to follow-up with us and even though we did not find an apt. through your company, I will be sure to spread the word about the Philly Apt. Co. and your great work. Thanks again and make sure to give Luke a gold star for his effort!

I recently worked with Beth Z and Rick (forget his last name) and I just wanted you to know what an awesome experience it was. You are very lucky to have Beth and Rick at your company!!! Beth - SUPER NICE, so cool. Beth was very organized, provided us with a ton of apts. in our range/likes, and always was very fast to reply with info. Rick - Rick is the man! Just a cool, great guy! Rick is the perfect guy for the job! He made what can be a very hectic and stressful situation very easy, very smooth, and just a pleasant experience. He is the man! We got a place in 1352 Lofts on South St. We got a great deal, we absolutely LOVE the place, building and neighborhood. I just wanted you to know I will recommend your company and especially Beth and Rick to friends, family, co-workers, etc. in the future. Please feel free to contact me about my experience at any time.

Having just secured my first full time job, I had just two weeks to move to Philadelphia from a small town. Overwhelmed and without any contacts, I was nearly scammed on Craigslist several times and found myself in several dangerous situations yesterday while looking at apartments. Then I contacted The DC Apartment Company and worked with Andrew. Not only was Andrew professional and efficient in his work, but his demeanor and patience on the phone was outstanding. Your website is the best apartment site I have seen and I love the "Matches" and "Appointments" tabs that Andrew prepared for me, all in a matter of minutes! I have applied for a beautiful place in the Art Museum neighborhood that I could have never found without Andrew's help. Please feel free to contact me anytime about my interaction with Andrew as I can't thank you all enough! I hope to meet more friendly, helpful people like you.

A Philly friend checked out the apartment while we were still in Australia, gave it the thumbs up, and we applied long distance. I arrived in Philly in the early hours of Sunday morning, signed the lease Monday morning, and moved in that weekend. Bill has been a dream to deal with and we also found your service exceptional. We'd certainly recommend it to others. Thank you for your assistance. It has made relocating so much easier than it could have been.

I was relocating from Washington, DC to Philadelphia PA which brings me to the reason for this e-mail. I have been working with one of your consultants and she has been the most professional consultant that I have worked with in a long time. She has gone beyond the call of duty to assist me in my search for an apartment. I am sending these comments to you because most times we take the time to complain but never the time to commend when someone goes beyond the call to assist. Please extend my appreciation. Thanks!

Thanks again! I am going to take the one with the terrace. It really was quite amazing. I cannot thank you and Chrissy enough. Perhaps I am becoming old and jaded, and I am just unused to people being pleasant, professional and actually quite genuine and caring and not having to pay for it. You can rest assured that everyone in the Hotel will hear about the great experience that I had.

I wanted to thank you, because in the brief time that you and Rick had helped us, we were very impressed with the service that you provided. You made an effort that other companies did not even dare attempt, and we were very satisfied. If we plan on moving again, Philly Apartment Company will be the first place we turn to.

Sarah and I would like to take some time out to thank you for all of your assistance finding an apartment. I must say that I'm very impressed with your services. For novices finding an apartment, you made it very easy. As a Department Manager I know what it takes to make a business work, great customer service. You showed that every step of the way. Thank you again for all your assistance. We look forward to working with you again.

I just wanted to recognize you for the work that you did trying to help me and my boyfriend find an apartment. We really appreciate the time that you took to quickly book appointments and stay in touch with us throughout the process. Your company was recommended to me by a friend who found an apartment using your services, and I will recommend your company to others.

I cannot thank your staff enough for helping make my condo dream come true! After a tiring search through Craig's List, making my own apartment appointments, I was ready to give up. But on Friday, I called the Philly Apartment Company. I was set-up with three appointments within an hour and all scheduled within the next day. This exemplary service and willingness to exceed expectations was very apparent. Philly Apartment Co. has done some great marketing, especially as a newer company in this city. Please know your staff really closes the deal for helping people find their next home. Thank you!

Working as a contract employee, I frequently find myself in unfamiliar cities searching for an apartment. That process can be painful, especially when you're in a hurry to get set up so you can concentrate on your new job. Recently I was called on very short notice to work in Philly. (I live in Connecticut.) I surfed on craigslist.org and jotted down a few phone numbers, and then I jumped on a train to Philly and began calling the numbers. One of the numbers led me to Andrew, one of your agents. I told him that I'd be in town for a day and half, and I explained to him my situation. He described for me your company, and what types of services you could provide. I gave him a very brief description of what I was looking for, and he took it from there. Before I even got off the train, Andrew had three appointments set up for me, the first one being scheduled shortly after my arrival. He gave me good directions, and I showed up and viewed the apartments. They weren't quite what I was looking for however, and the business day was already over, so the next morning I called Andrew again, and gave him a more precise description of what I wanted. Within minutes, Andrew called back with several more appointments. Through the process of looking at various apartments in the area, I was able to fine tune my preferences to the point that Andrew had at least a fighting chance of finding the right apartment for me. In the end he found several that seem quite suitable, and I'll likely move in to one of them. The whole process took less than 24 hours, and I was pretty impressed with how efficient it was. Andrew did a great job! Thanks.

Thank you for your time in compiling this list of apartments for me. You provided more listings closer to the mark than forrent.com, apartments.com, apartmentguide.com, 4wallsinphilly.com, and rent.com, as well as several listings not found on ANY of those sites. Pretty cool service!



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I wanted to say what a great experience I recently had working with your company to find an apartment...
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